Finally having recovered from the incredible jam weekend we’d like to say ‘Thank you!’ out loud to the jam’s dedicated supporters, jammers, speakers and sponsors for making this amazing Berlin jam possible.

Thank you so much for this outstanding and energising weekend! We had tremendous fun organising it, learnt (again) a lot about how to improve it and made great new friends. We like to especially thank:

Andi Müller for passionately documenting the jam with great pictures of the event, its participants and speakers …
Design Thinking coach Andi Mueller taking picture at Service Jam Berlin
Find out more about Andi’s photography work on his website Mangoon Photography

Steffen Bahnsen for constantly live-blogging and creating an almost-real-time feed on our website …
Steffen Bahnsen of Gruppending supporting the Service Jam Berlin as blogger
Apart his role at the Service Jam Berlin you can find more about Steffen’s coaching work at Gruppenbing

Elias Barrasch who was so heavily engaged behind the camera we couldn’t find a picture of him taking all the great pictures … (if you took a picture of Elias during the jam, please share it with us)
support on camera

Andy Weigt and his partner Markus for making über-delicious and empowering flow food …
Flow food support by Andy Weigt & Markus

Hannes Jentsch for supporting the jam as a coach on Saturday and assisting with technical audio support …
Support by Hannes Jentsch during the Service Design Jam Berlin

… and last but not least Markus Hormess and Adam Lawrence of Work•Play•Experience who ideated and initiated the Global Service Jam and brought the idea of service jamming into 85+ places all around the planet.
Support by Adam St Lawrence & Markus Horness of the Global Service Jam

Thank you guys for your energy, passion and remarkable hands-on approach that made this jam possible! Hope to meet you very soon at another great event …